Comprehensive Dental Care

Dr. Meyer believes in a sound, comprehensive treatment plan as the foundation of beautiful dentistry. Many patients who desire cosmetic dentistry also have functional problems they are unaware of. Using a thorough, properly constructed treatment plan can ensure great results in cosmetic and restorative procedures.

Occlusal disease is the premature destructive process by which the teeth are destroyed due to occlusal/bite disharmonies. The signs of occlusal disease include :

Treatment can consist of occlusal equilibration, orthodontics or surgery restorations.

Occlusal equilibration is a term used in dentistry to discuss the balancing of the bite relationship. The lower jaw is a “u-shaped” bone, which has two joints at each end. When the jaw system is functioning properly, the lower jaw is able to freely hinge at the joints and close together with the lower teeth contacting the upper teeth very evenly all the way around the arch. This creates a “solid bite”. When there is a discrepancy in the bite relationship to the fully seated joints, then problems can develop. If any teeth interfere with a healthy jaw relationship during closure, the jaw will have to shift in order to fully close the teeth all the way together. This shifting of the jaw creates stress on the whole system. We will see manifestations of this shifting as a muscle tenderness, headaches, clenching, and grinding of the teeth. Joint discomfort, wearing of the teeth, looseness, chipping and breakage of the teeth are also common problems when there is a bite disharmony.

If these signs of instability are found as we examine your mouth, we then consider occlusal equilibration as a possible remedy. We study the bite relationship by way of mounted-diagnostic study casts of your mouth. In this way we can determine if adjustment of the biting surfaces to balance your bite will correct the problem. Once studied, we can proceed with adjusting your bite relationship to re-establish harmony in the biting system. We do this carefully- reshaping the biting surfaces of individual teeth, which may be interfering with the proper joint/bite relationship. By making these corrective changes, we are able to establish a harmonious and stable system, which eliminates the destructive forces previously present.

We will develop a treatment plan that will deliver beauty, strength, and long-term biologic health for you. Dr. Meyer’s philosophy of dental care is founded on providing her patients with optimum results carried out through optimum treatment planning. The benefit to you is beautiful dentistry that will serve you well for years to come.

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